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New Build Scaffolding

New Build Scaffolding is essential if you and your employees are working at a height whilst carrying out construction and building work. When a new building is under construction, scaffolding is used to allow builders to work safely and effectively. This is necessary regardless of what the building is going to be used for. Whether the construction is an apartment block, housing developments or offices, a scaffold framework is also needed according to Health and Safety regulations. So to avoid fines and penalties and to safeguard your workers, opt for our reliable frameworks today!

What Is New Build Scaffolding Used For?

New Build Scaffolding is used to allow workers to complete the building of a property as easily and safely as possible. This means that frameworks are needed internally as well as externally on the property, being changed and adjusted as the project goes on. The external structure gives access in particular to bricklayers to construct the building tier by tier and for roofs to then be built safely.

Why Is Internal Framework Needed?

Internal safety platforms are needed to help workers construct and finish the inside on the building including installing floor joists and plastering the walls. These structures include edge protection crash decks as well as birdcage scaffolding, which provides an extra measure of safety and security.

Ultimate Safety When Using Our New Build Scaffolding Structures

When using any type of scaffoldingv, safety should be the number one priority and working at a height can have it's risks which is why we offer a number of safety features to use with your New Build Scaffolding.

Our Safety Features Include -

  • Safety Netting
  • Access Towers
  • Fall Arrest Protection
  • Safety Edge Protection

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