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Timber Frame Scaffolding

Timber Frame Scaffolding is one of the many different types of specialist scaffolding structures we offer. Working in the construction industry means that you will work at elevated heights frequently. You will therefore be well aware of the importance of safe scaffolding, to allow workers to work safely, efficiently and effectively. We provide a wide variety of scaffold options including timber frame scaffolding, new build, commercial and industrial structures. So whatever your requirements, we are sure to be able to help.

Why Choose Timber Frame Scaffolding?

Timber frame scaffolding is an excellent choice for many reasons. For example, it is eco-friendly, so you can work whilst knowing you are saving the environment. The difference between this choice and other options is that the scaffold is built before the frame. Once the frame is put up, the framework can then be adjusted according to the finish of the building. This makes it adaptable, adding some flexibility without too much effort.

Why Choose Us For Your Timber Frame Scaffolding?

We are extremely proud to offer a vast range of safety structures and platforms available in a variety of materials. This means that we have something for every project and are sure to have whatever you require. So for more information on our range or to place an order, contact our friendly team today on 01691 683620.